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About #SBA2030: Who We Are

Swiss CEOs and board members committing their company to a high level of board accountability.

CEOs and board members must lead the change to create a more resilient world. Through their decisions and actions, board members will be key to addressing the major environmental and social challenges we face. 

To help companies address these challenges and strengthen Swiss businesses’ international competitiveness, B Lab Switzerland and InTent have developed the Swiss Boards for Agenda 2030 (#SBA2030), an alliance of CEOs and board members committed to driving sustainability within their businesses.

About #SBA2030: Text


Citizens, customers, employees and governments are increasingly demanding that businesses increase accountability for sustainability, putting growing pressure on business leaders to address society's most pressing challenges. Companies are asked to lead the change and contribute to a more sustainable economy. CEOs and boards of directors play a central role in helping develop lasting solutions to solve social and environmental issues we face.

To support them, B Lab Switzerland and InTent are launching the Swiss Boards for Agenda 2030 (SBA2030), an alliance of Board Members and CEOs of leading Swiss companies committing their companies to a high level of board accountability to achieve positive impact. 

Andre Hoffmann 2019.JPG

With only eight years left to achieve the 2030 Agenda, it is urgent to act now! Today, only 15% of leaders consider sustainability to be their organisation's top priority. Our world needs game-changing managers, leaders who can design and support positive impact strategies. The SBA2030 was born for one reason: companies need to be managed differently. Our world cannot be sustainable and prosperous without powerful and enduring collaborative practices.

André Hoffmann, Vice-Chairman, Roche


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